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Company Overview

Company Overview

Expertise in Consumer Finance with 14-Year History

Providing Most Efficient Financial Services with Differentiated Products.

I am the C.E.O of Techmate Korea Daebu Co.,Ltd. Hyoung-Seok Shim.
I'm really pleased that you visited our Web site.

Founded in 2009 with pure domestic capital , Techmate Korea is a company specialized in consumer finance
which has been growing through advanced systems and well organized management system,
emphasizing the customer satisfaction as the most important value of the company.

Techmate Korea dashing forward to becoming the leader of consumer finance companies in Korea,
promise to do our best to provide best financial services to our customers with know-how
and differentiated products accumulated and developed over the last 10 years.
In the years to come where a rapidly changing business environment is expected,
Techmate will place a customer-centered–management as its 1st priority
in order to gain confidence of our customers .

C.E.O   Hyoung-Seok Shim

Overview / Shareholders

Company Name - Techmate Korea Daebu Co.,Ltd.
Main Business - Consumer Finance
Date of Establishment - 17-Dec-09
C.E.O - Hyoung Seok Shim
Type of Company - Private/External Audit(FSS Registered)
Head Office - 3rd Fl (KPX Building),137,Mapodae-ro,Mapo-gu,Seoul
Shareholder No. of Shares Shareholding
C.E.O 366,395 80.35%
Carlyle 45,600 10.00%
CLSA 44,000 9.65%
Total 455,995 100%
On 24th of May 2016, Carlyle Group provided USD 15,000,000 to Techmate Korea by underwriting Bonds issued by Techmate Korea. In addition, in July 2016, Carlyle acquired 10% stake in Techmate Korea .

On 29th December, 2017, CLSA Group provided USD 22,000,000 by underwriting Bonds for USD 2,000,000 and acquiring common shares for USD 1,000,000 to own 9.65% shareholding.
Certificate of Company Registration and Certificate of Award
  • 대부업 등록증
    icon Certificate of Registration of Daebu Business
  • icon Certificate of Registration of a Foreign-Invested Enterprise
Certificate of Recognition and Certificate of Appreciation
  • 우수 소비자금융회사 인증서
    icon Certificate of Recognition , Excellent Consumer Finance Company
  • 2013년 최우수소비자금융 준법경영상
    icon 2013 Award for Excellent Observance of Laws, Best Consumer Finance Company
  • 기업의 사회공헌 책임수행
    icon Letter of Appreciation for Social Contribution