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Company Overview

Foreign Investors

World-Class Investors Are Shareholders in Techmate Korea

Shareholders and Shareholding

회사 지분율
  • Carlyle Group
    Head Office: Washington DC, U.S.A.
    One of the top three(3) PEF in the world (KKR, Black Stone and Carlyle ) established in 1987 with AUM(assets under management) for USD 170 billion(KRW 192 trillion). Carlyle has 1,750 employees and presence in six continents and 19 countries.
    Acquired Koram Bank in Korea (later sold out) in 1997 and ADT Caps in Korea in 2014.
  • CLSA Group
    Head Office: Hong Kong
    CLSA has 1,400 employees and currently has presence in 18 countries. CLSA was founded in Franc in 1986 and was acquired by Citic Securities Limited in 2012.
    Citic Securities Limited is the largest security firm in China established in Beijing in 1995. The revenue of Citic Securities in 2016 was 38 billion Yuan(USD 6.72 billion).